About us

The EA Foundation was established by the co-founders of Energy Aspects, an energy markets research company headquartered in the UK. It is an independent charitable foundation registered in England and Wales (charity number 1194169). The EA Foundation receives funds from Energy Aspects that it distributes to good causes, but it is run independently from the company.

​The EA Foundation has been established to provide funding to eligible organisations and projects which further the aims of the EA Foundation: 

  • To provide educational opportunities for children, young people and adults, particularly from disadvantaged communities;
  • To improve access to basic services such as healthcare, clean water and electricity in disadvantaged communities;
  • To address poverty and financial hardship; and
  • To tackle environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

If you are interested in applying for a grant then please visit our How to Apply page to read more about the process and selection criteria.


The trustees of the EA Foundation are Amrita Sen, Fredrik Fosse, Jess Talbot, Lucy Mortimer, Richard Bronze, and Trevor Sikorski