Mission and Purpose

The trustees have agreed that they will initially focus on the relief of poverty and initiatives which address environmental sustainability.  The trustees will continue to develop the charity’s grant making priorities based on experience and lessons learned and the key areas of focus for the charity include, but are not limited, to:​

  • the provision of financial support to organisations that provide educational opportunities, particularly for disadvantaged individuals and communities;
  • the provision of financial support to improve access to basic services and infrastructure to disadvantaged communities, including but not limited to healthcare, clean water and electricity;
  • the provision of financial support to those in reduced circumstances, without sufficient means, or those who are experiencing times of need thereby providing important support for the relief of poverty;
  • the provision of financial support or sponsorship of events or other activities which promote the prevention or relief of poverty or other forms of disadvantage such as disability;
  • the provision of financial support to address environmental challenges and to promote sustainable development, both in its own right and through the pursuit of the other key areas of focus listed here;
  • the provision of financial support for research exploring the reasons behind and/or the ways in which poverty, environmental issues or disadvantage can be addressed.

The grants the charity proposes to make may advance a range of charitable purposes and the charity’s Objects have been drafted to reflect the broad scope of charitable causes to which the trustees may consider providing funds. 

​In order to operate on an efficient and effective basis, the charity’s trustees have put in place a policy on grant-making which incorporates grant-making criteria along with a more detailed grant-making strategy and application review process.